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Hi Wally, compliments on your bug.

I'm interested to know about your experience with the Saco hydraulic clutch when you fitted it to the 915 you ran a while back.

did you use the entire kit as it was intended? or did you modify/swap parts. I've seen that you had a short arm on the gearbox end, did you change anything else?

I too have the saco kit fitted to a 915, my troubles lie with the master cylinder I think. I had alot of trouble fitting the saco master cylinder into my type 3, I have the mk2 cylinder which is a bulky peice of cnc'd equipment, I also have the coolant lines for the EJ20T motor running through the gearbox tunnel. I struugled to fit the bulky saco master cylinder in the tunnel so ditched it infavour of a less bulky item. I'm not sure of the specifications of the master cylinder only the vehicle it was from and am convinced its not a good match.

Anyway as my pedal is insanely heavy to operate I'm now contemplating at having another go at fitting the saco M/C.

I guess what I'm interested to know is how you got on with your saco kit on your 915?

How did the pedal feel? heavy or soft?

Did you do anything special when fitting the kit?


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