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About time for an update....

As it has been way too long since I posted some updates:

Engine is now a 2276cc, alu nikasil cilinders, SE modified heads 44x38, SS pistons, Custom Webcam, ultralight valvetrain, Custom coolingshroud, custom stainless header 321, Precision GT3076RLE ballbearing turbo, 44mm Tial wastegate etc.
Gearbox is a fully sequential Elite TXL250-6s with extended gears with billet 6061 alu bellhousing. The geabox is alot longer than the Porsche 901/911 gearbox, so I had to convert to coilovers en cut a gigantic hole in the body/tunnel to get the darn thing to fit....

Still waiting for some parts to put everything together, and hope to get her running soon....



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