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I don't know what Thorsten's heads flow. They are very nicely done though. However,they are more expensive than the light heads from Remmele. The light heads have more cooling surface also. I personally do not like a D-shaped exhaust port. The reason for a D-Port is to eliminate reversion from the header during valve overlap. However, a round port has less friction and provides more flow. The light head's exhaust port is slightly smaller in diameter than the header. The wall around the port will block reversion. The light head flows 284cfm@25 ", which is good for 270bhp NA. I would guess Thorsten's heads are about the same. The biggest difference is the price. The light head costs 2490.00 Euros complete with nimonic valves,seats,guides, ready to run. Thorsten's heads cost IIRC 2990.00 bare without seats,valves,guides. Remmele does everything in house,which is what makes the difference in the price.
Wally set the benchmark for a reliable and powerful type 4 and will do so again. I'm convinced he will shatter 500 hp easily at the same boost level with less head and intake temperatures. I am planning to be on the road with mine in 2016, but have the car basically done this year. I don't think that I will be able to keep up with Wally,my gearbox that I have is too weak. But I will beat him in beer drinking
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