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I'd buff the paint and it'd look OK for about a week, then would fade again and finally got tired of the goofy fender flares a PO put on there and put my bus in jail--the paintbooth for 1 1/2 years which was 1 year and 3 months longer than that crackhead promised me it would take to repaint the bus.

It turned out pretty good though.

Moved a few times over the years from Tucson to Lafayette to Mandeville (Louisiana), then put the girl in storage for a couple of years while we were overseas in Ecuador, which brings us to Houston.

I stuck with the T1 engine I built a few years ago which has a 110 cam, 1.25 rockers, straight cut gears, etc. I swapped to MS before we moved to Ecuador, but really didn't have a lot of time to master the learning curve.

Towed her over from storage here earlier this year and I've been busy doing welding on her here and there plugging up holes from all the years.

My neighbors, friends, and family think I'm a bit off for not get it running first than doing all this metal work the last couple of months, but there's still no windows in it and I wouldn't risk even driving around the block with the Texas cops here.

Anyhoo, my welding has been getting better and better over the years as well as my orange (HF junk) tools being traded out for decent (American) ones as well as getting into metal work the last couple of years.

I welded a work table for myself and my father-in-law helped me get the 3 in 1 machine on top of it over the weekend. We used a couple of pulley blocks I bought from a nautical supply place in Galveston. Man, it's so much easier to do stuff with a workspace now. Sorry for the crappy pics.

'66 Bus(11-window, CLK rims, disk brakes, IRS, bags, hydr. clutch, Super-1600 w/injection)

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