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Hello Steve, the ET on the wheels are 52mm.
The guards required a lot of work as the mounting lip was not well molded .
They are Mark V fiberglass from the states.
With some work from a professional paint shop they are now fitted and look nice .

AS you can see from the pictures.

The standard blade bumper actually looks fie with the fat rear. I thought I would have to widen and re profile it but I will leave it as it is.

Guard refitt 1 (2).jpg
Guard refitt 1 (3).jpg
Guard refitt 1 (1).jpg

Possibly may be painted by x mas. The trouble is the paint. I got the last 4 litres from the supplier - they unfortunately don't make it any more. The painter reckons they can get it really close and because the guards are separated by the fender beading , the eye tends to be a bit more forgiving.
I cant afford a complete re- spray

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