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Great info man!
I knew the squareback had some more strengthened parts, but you deffo taught a few new ones. Thanks!

Mine doesn´t have tranny forks (IRS) as its a '69, but eliminating the torsion bars will very probably the way I go.
Other then that, this car will NOT be an ultimate racer of track animal or anything. The notch will just be a platform for the engine and a dyno queen at most haha!
Still, whatever I can do to make parts a little stronger, of course I'll do that. I already regret I discarded the parts form a late square that came with the car... the rear subframe and stronger front sway bar would have been nice. But i didn;t want the garage floor full with 'junk' if you know what I mean

Anyways, as the generator was not charging at idle and the voltage regulator was broken (scary voltage at the terminals..), it was cheaper to change over to a new alternator with build in VR and more amps load capacity (50A)

Brackets were just a mornings work, very pleased how it worked out!

At least I can now drive the car
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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