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Ever since I started using the 944 front spindles I've been having difficulty getting the front suspension to a point where it has an acceptable amount of camber, with just the stock parts and early 944 spindles and the camber adjustment on the spindles/struts maximum negative I still had a massive amount of positive camber.

This is obviously a know issue with several options to fix it:
- Camber+ kit from Top Line Parts
- Camber plates
- Mod the strut and/or spindle
- Fabricate longer a-arms

I don't really want to modify my strut and/or spindles and whilst I would like to eventually fabricate some longer a-arms I currently don't have enough time for that so I'm going to try the camber+ kit combined with camber plates.

Last week I installed the camber plates made by Silver Project:

I expected them to be out of aluminium but they are actually made out of steel so they are pretty heavy, even heavier than the stock mounts (930g vs 640g):
So I might look into other options in the future, for now this will do.

Mounted them as well:

After that I set them to full negative which didn't actually give that much extra negative camber (as I already expected, but still )

Unfortunately the floor in my garage is very uneven so I can't really do any precise camber measurements there, so I'm just going by rough measurements at the moment. Hope this will be better in the new location.

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