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Some progress on the front suspension:

Had the Kerscher ball-joints pressed into the a-arms last week. The a-arms themselves were already sandblasted and coated in the past and were still in good shape, no work needed there.
Also weighed the a-arm, unfortunately forgot to weigh them without the ball-joints, but they weigh 1.8kg with the Kerscher ball-joints. Pretty light

Once that was done I assembled the front-end again with Topline's camber+ kit as well as their 7/8-inch anti-roll bar. The anti-roll bar is mounted using their caster fix bushings which move the anti-roll bar's mounting/pivot point slightly forward compared to the stock location. Will have to see what the caster will be when doing the alignment.
The install itself went pretty smooth, the only annoying thing was the grease (everything becomes super sticky! :P) and the anti-roll bar bushings wanted to keep popping out :P

Camber seems to be a lot better now, its finally negative as it should be
But as mentioned before because of the uneven floor I don't have any exact measurements yet, that will happen later.

For now I'm going to disassemble the anti-rollbar again since all of the mounting parts and hardware are getting sand/pearl blasted and zinc plated.

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