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Found the reason for the brake fluid loss. Seems whomever added the 2psi residual valve, didn't understand how brake line fittings are supposed to work. That is NOT a compression fitting!

Worked on seat mounts today, had to tear down a set of stock '69 seats in order to get a good set of bases, and then work out how to adapt Porsche 911 seats to the mounts. This time around, I basically built the VW bases to allow for mounting anything down the road, and then build a set of adapters to go from the 911 seats to my bases. Welded them all in the car, with the base on the tracks, in hopes that they would still slide following the work. Great news, they still do! For mockup and mounting, I used a set of ratty 911 seats I have that were poorly recovered sometime in the 80's. My better set is at the upholstery shop, hopefully getting an OEM-ish look to them. As far as I know the guys are still here's hoping!

I decided to mount the amp in this car under the passenger seat. Made a mount so that it is up off the floor, and out of the way of any water that might come in. I've got a compact sub and amp combination from a pickup-truck we had a few years back, but I haven't decided where to mount it. Definitely don't want to put it under the driver's seat, so that will be a project for another day.

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