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Well, I won't lie. The opinions of my GL forum friends, are opinions I well respect. I've been working out what it will take to get the Speedlines on the car. I think we're going there, but not just yet...budget needs to be spent first on getting it to move before swapping over the whole wheel setup to Subaru bolt pattern.

My first parts order for the car arrived just in time for the weekend, so I went about stripping the body shell down to a spot where I could start. Pulled the interior, and started sorting out the wiring. The car is getting a full six channel stereo system, repairing the wiring for the gauges in the dash, adding a wideband gauge, and putting in a circuit breaker for the entire car. I had a 100A circuit breaker kicking around, and the starter isn't on the circuit breaker, but may need to up to a 150 or 200A unit...we'll see if it trips under normal use or not. By the end of the weekend, I had laid down so many circuits I’ve actually lost count.

Kick panels and front speakers.

Turns out I most of a "baja" carpet kit in my parts stash, but with no wheel well covers. Saved what the car had, trimmed up the baja kit to fit, and finished off the rear luggage area. The speaker deck was originally in my white beetle, and has been in storage since I sold it to pay for paint on the Rally Bug. Planning on it being permanent, so it's bolted into the firewall and luggage tray with riv-nuts. I machined up the aluminum legs to take up as little luggage space as possible.

Dry-rotted bits replaced. Gauges cleaned up, red lighting added, and reinstalled. Had to paint the Autometer wideband trim ring to match, and repainted the tachometer as well. Also installed a new dash pad, and filled my shop with many a four-letter word for a few hours. I bought the mid-grade made in the USA version...definitely should have paid the money for the "premium" version.

Recovered the rear seat...really hoping those wrinkles come out after it sits in the sun for a while. Even with putting the covers in the dryer, until they were warm to the touch...ugh. I have another set, I may need to try again. Such a waste of material.

Anyone remember these from my white beetle? I'm digging deep into the parts archives, for sure!

A 3D printer was a new purchase this year, and it’s been coming in handy. Whipped up a horn button that will actually work with steering wheel quick release. It won’t be “quick” anymore, but it will technically be removable.

And, since it’s late and I think they look awesome…might as well spoil the surprise...

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