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Need expertise or suggestions

Hi - Long time member and admirer.. I have finally gotten my door and motor issues 90% fixed.. the problem..I want my car to look More "German Look". It might be me..but it seems like it looks like a VW with porsche wheels on it. I want to do something that makes it look like it belongs on the site. I know the paint is like 22 years old..but I cant fix that unless i win the lotto.

** the turbo tail (whale tail) is not on the car now...old pic..i havent updated the latest one***

Anyone have suggestions what I can do to make it look more ..i guess.. mean and fast and "German?" To me it sorta looks boring..i mean i like the car..or else i wouldnt have had it for so long.
I guess im looking for pointers..or suggestions on what to help the look.
Thanks...and... BE NICE!! (Im hoping i can laugh at me writing that last part)
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