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Owl thank you!!
I forgot how long ago that pic was taken.. sorry for not having up to date info..I thought I could just paste the newer pic in there but it has to be I couldnt do that till i linked the new photo on the webpage. If you want to view the interior and engine and other stuff..its on my weblink below. Im not going to clog the thread with those here YET..haha.
As you can see I have blacked out most of the trim.. except the blinker tops.
Mirror is painted black.. a new mirror involved body work and that may come later.
I had the bumpers powdercoated black..since they had some rust on them..Id like to not change them.. they are huge..but being in California.. they have been hit and have hit some pretty solid things and dont have a scratch on them!!
Lowering.. not sure if i can..the muffler is pretty low.. streets are pretty awful around here id hate to bottom out and lose a filter or a strut bottom..but yes I have thought of lowering the rear a notch maybe I will in the future.
Wheels I have definitely thought of changing.. not sure of color.. they have some scratches and paint fade on it wouldnt hurt. Not sure of what color.. satin black or maybe a smoke color?
Appreciate the info!! Always look forward to seeing your builds..always top notch!!
Here is the latest photo taken yesterday.

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