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pics look really cool thx to dave and danny for the post special shout out to Bert for the super cool camera rig and pics. with atlanta losing a cup date maybe we could hit them up for another event, those GLs look right at home on the track too bad the only direction the wheel turned was left. i did ,however, find the faster i went into the corners the less wheel i had to put in. on the last lap last corner i was darn near not even turning as much as i was letting the car go where it wanted once in the corner.had a blast, definitely the highlight of the show on saturday (would have been the highlight of friday night drags had it not been for the rain),but thats another story. congrats to noH for finally getting that best paint award he has deserved all these years.funniest moment of the day was dave doin his David Pearson impression Smoking a cig while ridin around Atlanta Motor Speedway.
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