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G50 info about install and which one and why, is all there:

Thats (partly) what I meant by 'make sure you know your sh*t'. Browse through the transmission section here, Porsche fora, etc, etc.
YOU have to do that work first. I did :-)

That said, my 1303 uses a G50/01 and for the notch I got a G50/00 (not on purpose, it was just available). Both are 911 (G- model) '87-'89 - only "Carrera 3,2ltr" models. All other G50 transmissions are 6-speed and even longer. G64 is a 4x4 trans and you would have to do even more work fitting that.
So, just the /00 and /01 models would be short enough to begin with to even try. Still, even these 'short-nose' ones are longer then stock, so be aware of that.
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...because race car!

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