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Originally Posted by spannermanager View Post
I should add my remarks concern race circuit cars were you can give nothing away concerning running as low as possible, you won't beat a Porsche unless you gain the advantage in set up and handling, as they can be drastically
lowered without suspension alignment problems, VW road cars running at a raised or stock ride height just about have enough travel but there are still the clearance problems you correctly spoke of, and the debatable strength of the single shear fixings, both top and bottom, and it's only me that hates 5 bar braces, just a band aid to me, and a heavy space grabbing one at that, although in some cases, there are restrictions to moving the shock mounts to inside the car etc, as to your question, the lower bolts most folk are using are aftermarket and very high quality, but they can and do break in the imperfect world we all have to work in, some folk run the bolts with coil overs AND torsion bars, less load on the lower bolts , others remove the T.Bs and just use heavier springs on the coil overs, far higher loads on the bolts, I would not go racing like that, tho many do, which is why all my fixings are re located and in double sheer.
Just a note, the coil overs above look to be 2 1/2" units, if I HAD too, I would use 2 1/4". There are also 1.9 inch units, which would offer better clearance, but the maximum spring rate available for that size is 400 lb/inch, do able WITH torsion bars though..
One of my major problems is, not knowing the suspension stuff. Circuit racing and the likes, I just don't know.. I'll keep both the 944 trailing arms and, try the coil overs as a secondary.
Thank you
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