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ive got loads of pics of the body resto - but didnt want to bore you guys with all of those.

yesterday my gearbox blocks to mount on the beetle cradle turned up and they work nicely i just need to get some countersink bolts but this is it mocked up. im going to bolt it in and then mock up the front mount which i have all the bits for it just need welding together!

i also ordered some 4cm wider rear wings from CSP which dented the bank balance somewhat! Hopefully my Kafer 5 bar set up from vdub engineering will be ready soon too! its all starting to come together

anyways more pics! Ally spacer blocks for the beetle mounts

blasted 944 turbo a arms - not sure whether to leave them bare - paint them, powdercoat them or anodise them. ive left an ally springplate cover outside to see if it oxidises

powdercoated goodies still awaiting new bearings/bushes etc from pelican parts before i can put it all back together

996 caliper and rotor. 944 front hubs and cb performance dropped spindles away for machining.

finally a nice upright oil filler for my type iv motor build!

offically started prep on my doors yesterday after removing the worn hinge pins. its going to be a slow process but it hsould be worth it!
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