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How does everyone feel about meeting up at Discover Mills parking lot (I-85 and Sugarloaf) at 6:15? If that works, we would make one stop at Jefferson City to have another bug (Steve Gurr and his '62 stocker, friend of my Dad) join up as well. If not, the two of them are covering each other and I ride with the VKG. That puts us up there 8:00-8:30 I believe. I am up for just about anytime though, so you Southsiders let me know what is realistic for you.

Here is what I know of for the caravan:
Me in mine
My Dad in his
Dave and wife
Bert and wife
Nigel in the Ghia
Danny in Nigel's bug
Haven't heard back from Kat, but she is going up Friday night or Sat morning
'73 2316 TIV GL Standard Bug (quasi)

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