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Chromed gas burners on 944S brakes

I've read lot of discussions, but found some things that are not too clear to me...

The thing is: I would really like 15's on a Bug (bad roads, I like the look, more comfortable for road trips etc. etc.)

Allready bought suspension from 944 S 1987' (I think it's 1987, it has alu rear arms, correct me if I'm wrong) with single pot calipers which I intend to use for some time. Allready mounted front brakes (using your info from germanlook )

I would like to use gas burners (found them for 200 US Dollars, but shipping costs will kill Me because I'm in Europe, and is US company)

1. Will they fit on this brakes?
2. Will they fit rear because I intend to use stock fenders and alu arms?
3. What is the best main brake cylinder to use in this combo?

PLEASE be precise, if I buy, there's no way back!

THANK YOU for info!
1967 Bug

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