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Old June 4th 2015, 11:17
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Originally Posted by graham View Post
Also,in first the picture at the beginning of this thread the Red Coil Over is tied into the cage,the top mount is on the left of the cage,this has thrown the shock and adds to the obscure angle on the lower mount/bolt,if that top mount where on the right of the cage and higher up would this help things ? Sorry if Im rambling on here and Im not sure if anyone else is paying attention to any of this apart from you,but it would be great for me to get this sorted as I am planning on getting back at the build as funds and life should soon allow.
That may well work, the angle on the lower bolt will improve as the a arm arcs upwards losing camber, ie, going into -v camber as it does so, moving the upper mounting towards the car centreline would gain valuable clearance between the arm and the drive shaft/cv joint, it's damn tight in there and probably why it has been done like that, but is there a finished article? there is no one size fits all answer, the best anyone can do is mock it all up and Jack the suspension through its range with no spring fitted, checking for clearance at all angles, and more importantly, be sure there is no metal to metal bottoming of the shock itself, some form of bump stop has to be there, even if it's only the stock spring plate hitting the factory upper and lower limit stops on the shock tower frame.
I almost went with a falling rate shock mounting set up on the #311, with the lower mount on the upper rear of the a arm, and the upper mount tied into the rear firewall area, it would allow a very tall shock, the shock laying to the rear at the top in other words, I just was short of time to re jig another rear section triangle off the roll cage to support the upper mountings, so I did it conventionally because the cage triangle was already there.
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Old June 11th 2015, 01:32
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Coil overs shocks

Sorry for delayed response but once again thanks for your input Spanners it has give me plenty to think about, I owe you a :
gee dub
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