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Old September 21st 2015, 14:46
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Dry sump

Hi everyone,let's see where do I begin. I thought that adding a extra sump by moding my case for the type one sump would give me at total of 8 quarts of oil. I also wanted to have a better oil pressure control, I wanted higher oil pressures that stock pressures. Having the oil pressure being high when cold and pressure drops when at operating temp were presents, was something I did not want to have happen.The mod was to not to use the scat TypeIV extra sump, I still feel is a weak link, as far as attachment is concerned. I saw another engine with the extra sump added, for me it offered a higher possibility of engine damage. I will drive my car on the Southern California freeways. There is something always to dodge or ruin over on the freeway. That sump in its location can cause a big problem. I really don't like the remote sump, way of oil support, however seeing that there may be engine damage;due to extra sump clearance issues. I have no other choice.

Can someone share pics of their remote oil storage tank for the dry sump adaptation? At least I still will be able to scavenge from the bottom of the sump. Man it's getting tiring going back to the drawing board.

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Old September 22nd 2015, 10:03
spannermanager spannermanager is offline
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You are right to bin the bolt on sump, it's nor required with dry sump, is the pump shown the one you are using? Single stage is limited in volume obviously, why not use a two stage?, Autocraft or Bugpack offer these, the only draw back is the pump size requires attention to the exhaust primary pipes for clearance, but that second stage can be used for any additional scavenge points you may need later, say head scavenging.
Assuming your car is LHD, I would fit the tank to help load the right front wheel, my car is RHD with the tank mounted near the light left front wheel, 5/8" supply and scavenge lines are a minimum, in my view, tanks mounted in the passenger compartment are a no no, the stink alone is one reason, ease of service, reduced internal clutter and better Wright distribution are a couple more pluses for up front mounting, they need to be fully encased with an external breather tank system if fitted internal to the passenger compartment, at least for motor sport events.
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Old September 22nd 2015, 23:17
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Hi, well I'm going to reserve that choice of dry sump or not for last, or better yet mok it up. Add the weight of engine, trans, ect. I'll see how much clearance I'll have. The berg sump may work, I really hope so. I really like the pauter pump. I want the oil pick up external, larger ID
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Old January 15th 2017, 10:40
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Spannermanager do you have pics of your dry sump setup.
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