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Old March 13th 2016, 20:23
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Trans choices

Good morning boys and girls., well it would seem that I am all over the place. In the quest for a strong engine and trans combo, I believe that I am an obstacle to myself.

The only saving grace in this is, these choices are for the last bug, my keeper. I have said it before and I'll say it again; I have three supers.

I now have two stock VW trans, one automatic, one 915 struck between gears, one 901 and lastly the g50.

At one point, before the 915 came into the picture, I felt very strongly about the Berg 5 speed conversion. I still do for the sake of space.

I feel I can copy the ratios of the 915 or g50 in the Berg conversion. If the EZ-30 will fit only with a stock length of the VW; I will choose the Berg conversion. Again I'm all over the place.

Rancho says they can slightly mod the 3.44 r&p to adapt it to the Quaife ATB I have, it would look something like this.

I have the Rhino case already and gusseted, I also have the Quaife.
There is an easy one inch space saving when you remove the front trans mounting point.

This mod will be done no matter which trans I choose. But the variable of the EZ-30 hunts me, my EZ-30 long block only came with case and heads. The timing chain housing did not come. I just don't know how to get closure to the fitment issue. I don't want to let this pass me by as far as installing it . The gold bug I keep on building it, it has two choices, 2110 or 2332. If I squint a little I can even see a type IV going into it. Because I also have three sets of type IV heads. Having the heads done is a positive thing toward cost of the type IV possibility. I also have the cylinders that I had made in 103's for the type IV. If I keep it simple I could buy J&E piston that EMW has in stock.

See there I go again, but for resale purposes saying that the engine had a type IV engine will aid in the sale. I know, I'll buy time and gain money to buy a EZ-30 by building the gold bug. The gold bug will have the 901 for its trans.

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