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Old February 20th 2020, 12:41
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Type 4 windage tray stock/modified/none?

Hi, I am looking for your opinion on putting OEM (914 or 411/412) windage tray / oil baffle into type4 engines.

For some reason Porsche/VW has installed it back than and there are people saying it is a must, while others claim it is better to modify/not use them at all on performance engines due to slow oil drain back to sump. I guess each statment could be right in certain applications/circumstances.

In my case we are talking about a 2056cc 130ish bhp enigne, pretty close to the oem 2.0 914 just a tad more revvy and powerful. Street car application, no drag race, no track warrior, but spirited B road driving. What would you suggest?

1, Use OEM with oem seals
2, Use OEM with no seals
3, Modify OEM (what is the best way to do it?)
4, Leave it out

I did not have such a thing in my previous version of the engine, and I did not recognize any oil pressure problems. On the other hand Raby and the race guys insist on to have one but modify it and for sure engineers of designed it on a purpose back than. I just don't see if nowaday's applications are really that advanced in power and rpm that requires the modification of the original baffle or is just the track monsters?

Thank for your input in advance, it is urgent to decide as engine case is going to be closed during the weekend
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