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Old June 29th 2013, 01:48
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New Rear IRS!!!

I hope it works as good as it looks, but this looks pretty cool! They have a bus one, not sure if this is it or they're introducing a bug one.

If I could just get paid for my sleepless nights....
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Old June 30th 2013, 08:47
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Awesome, put me down for one with inboard disk brakes...
'66 Bus(11-window, CLK rims, disk brakes, IRS, bags, hydr. clutch, Super-1600 w/injection)
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Old June 30th 2013, 22:09
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Cool set up! The sign on the front of the table says "split screen buses".
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Old July 1st 2013, 00:30
70Turbobug 70Turbobug is offline
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Nice design and concept! However, I don't see it taking a lot of HP or loads like the Mendeola set up or 944 trailing arms with uni-ball. The frame construction is well made, but the hardware holding the A-arms and support bar is too small imho.For most of the people that just want better handling and not wanting to really push the car/bus to the limit that should work perfectly.
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Old July 2nd 2013, 12:56
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£3,500 too!

all the red9 stuff i have had anything to do with or friends have had has always caused issues.

Hope they have rigorously tested this
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