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Old March 28th 2011, 15:50
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Stepping into the world of Type4 engines.

Hey guys,

This past weekend i went to a VW buggy swap meet in the US with a few local guys. During the drive down we (Lanner(flat), and Bryan(clkwrk)), talked alot about T4's and the engines of Wally and Sandeep.

At the swap meet, there was a corvair, a 914, and a couple bus "complete" motors. Bryan yanked a few valve covers off and pointed out a few differences to me.

Walked by a spot and a box marked T4 carillo rods caught my eye. Took a quick look around, and continued on. Met up with the boys later and they mentioned that spot. So we returned, looked into things a little deeper, and i made the impulse buy.

I've never really paid close attention to the T4 world as i was up to my neck in T1 engines/parts with no plans for another build. So now i'm playing catchup. Reading all about the T4's here and on STF.

Engine is in pieces, so we dropped it off at an engine builder in the US to get the longblock together.

The engine parts belonged to the sellers son. It did run before and was taken apart for service. Son lost interest, and went along the Chevy path. Seller works part time at a VW shop(i think it was Headflo?), and had a similar T4 in his buggy.

Hopefully Bryan and Lanner can chime in here to provide some more insight to what i purchased.

Boxes included:
75mm Okrasa crank
103mm pistons/cylinders(Arias???)
carillo rods
machined case
big valve heads
a couple cams
and a bunch of other odds and ends to get this together.

This will be EFI, as i have the Electromotive TEC2 on the shelf from my blown up 2332. So now i'm looking at cooling options, and exhausts. Bryan has offered to build a hybird 36hp shroud, DTM, or go the horizontal 911 fan route. For exhaust, A-1/VintageSpeed/BAS/CSP?

Thinking this will mate up well with the Porsche 5spd 923 trans i've been hoarding for the last 5yrs. This drivetrain will end up in either the Bus or Super.

Wish me luck!

'72 super
'65 bus
'52 split
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Old March 28th 2011, 16:48
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The A1 exhaust is hard to beat for the $$. Sounds like you got some great parts to start with.
72 1302 Smack Black GL
73 Bus (2L CIS Powered)
66 Beetle, 73 Standard Beetle
72 Pinzgauer 710M
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Old March 28th 2011, 20:18
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For Christ's sake, just finish a project Pete!

good luck on your quest!

1970 Bug
2110cc. ???Whp, ???Ft/Lbs
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Old March 28th 2011, 23:06
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Good for you Pete ! Get that sucker put together and running, and go from there. Let me know if you need anything help wise.

My 2413cc longblock should be together in a few weeks now, pics this weekend.

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Old March 29th 2011, 03:50
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Originally Posted by petevw View Post
Wish me luck!

Luck has little to do with it now
Just for the crank alone, you made a great purchase imo.
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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Old March 29th 2011, 13:20
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Looks like a good start so far. I'd go with the a-1 exhaust and a dtm shroud if you can swing it. I vote it goes in the super too!
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Old March 29th 2011, 23:10
flat flat is online now
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Good stuff Pete! You made a wise purchase. Get it in the super!

I'm finally on my 2.0 914 motor this summer for my 1302. Leaning towards the sharpbuilt upright parts myself. And I have the Vintage stainless muffler which I'll mate up with EMW stubs/pipes.

Toronto (Mississauga), Canada
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Old March 30th 2011, 14:16
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Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
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It's about time you guys stepped UP to the type 4. The difference in power delivery from a ~1600cc T1 to a stock 2L is amazing.

Looking forward to cruizing this summer
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