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Old February 15th 2005, 16:12
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I Too have some Big Red Problems (Fitment)

Ok, so heres the progress.

So far, to figure out how to fit my 993 turbo brakes on my 70 standard, I have done alot of question asking, and searching on this and other sites for some answers. I came up with this combo, and this is where i'm at now:

86(?) non-turbo 944 alum control arms, bought the axles and cv's too. Mounted the alum control arm by replacing the bushing from the porsche, with the VW bushing (The one that bolts to the frame) and in doing so, removed the torsion bars (Not sure if i'm gonna run with a coil over type setup or not, thats another day another issue) anywhoo, finally, and I mean FINALLY the passenger side arm is in, with the new bearings, with the races pressed in, with the hub in place, and one half of the cv on the alum control arm, just to get an idea of how the rotor fits. Well well well.....

So when I go to screw the rotors on to the hub, it seems to fit on real nice, but wait, the caliper won't go on. If I try to put it on straight, it hits the 2 mounting holes where the bolts go through, and won't clear the mount. I'd say, its NO more than an 1/8th inch. On another note, the contact patch of the e-brake sticks out from the inside of the rotor, about the same distance (Bout 1/8th of an inch) which would be logical, it seems that the distance that the e-brake surface is sticking out is ABOUT the same distance that the caliper needs to go in for it to fit. (Just eyeing it out)

Now my question is:
Where can I getthat 1/8th of an inch? Should I try to file away the mounting points on the arm, so the caliper will go on straight, ,or should I file away just enough from both the arm AND the caliper, or should I say F it, and go for a 944 rotor?

Pics are available if you want, but i'm not at home right now, i'lll put them up once I get home.

Thanx allot!!
Making my 70 Beetle into a GL
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Old February 15th 2005, 19:23
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Post the pics so we can clearly see whats going on before a solution is decided upon.

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