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Old December 29th 2013, 01:43
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Dual Dells

Hi, question, I have been helping a friend build his engine, It's a1835. We're installing Dells40s.
Got it running but stumbles big time.
Valve Clarence are set intake.006 cold, exhaust.008. The manual calls for.006 on both. I forget the jetting sizes.but I believe if memory serves me correctly it's close to by the book.
The fuel pressure is supposed to be 3-5lbs, checked it, it was 5lbs.
While running the mains dripped, not spray but dripped.
I believe that's the reason that it runs very bad/misses is due to the droplets of gas.
I can't get it to run at low idle, to adjust the idle air/fuel settings.
I set the centrifugal advance to 25 degrees at 2800 rpms.
I went for the centrifugal settings due to low idle was impossible.
I checked the float settings,it was 20/32nd, the book calls for 14.5mm, which is close, this would not cause a dripping main discharge, any suggestions?
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Old December 29th 2013, 13:11
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Drop the fuel pressure to about 3 psi. I have seen 5 psi overcome the floats and cause fuel to drip. There is also a condition called "The Dellorto Drip" caused be loose lead casting plugs. With the fuel pump on and engine not running there should be no dripping fuel. If they drip with the fuel pump off and float valves closed, the carbs have "The Dellorto Drip" If they only drip with the fuel pump on, the pump pressure is too high. The "Dellorto Drip" can be fixed by replacing the internal lead plugs.
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Old December 29th 2013, 18:31
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Hay, thanks the drip was while running, and that was at the mains/discharge nozzles
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