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Old March 12th 2010, 17:25
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Thanks guys..

I don't think the way that they look like BBs wheels is a coincidence lol.

The 8s weigh 10.57 kg & the 10s weigh 11.93 kg on my Ebay scales.

I have a good friend who is the only authorised Simmons wheel repairer in Australia and is 2 suburbs away from me, so swapping the rims over wont be a headache and I will have the centres repainted silver most likely.

The 10s with inner rims swapped to make them 8s will work out perfectly on the rear with wider Aero fenders/wings/mudguards and alloy 944 arms. The 8s going back to 7.5 on the front is going to need an inner and outer rim swap, they sit in too far now, so I can go to a slightly wider outer rim and narrower inner rims, this will leave me with the outside of the wheels front & back looking the same.

I will still need to push the front wheels out a bit, I already have 911/996 front bakes from my old car, these were set-up using cut down Beetle rotors and the Porsche rotor bolting to the back of the cut-down Beetle rotor, so they gave no track increase, I will look into getting some 944 or 911 alloy hubs which will give me a track increase.

Tyre choice is going to be critical to have the correct "look", I've seen cars with 15s, 16s, 17s & 18s that just miss out on the "look" through poor tyre width & profile choice.

STI powered 1303 in the works.
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