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Old October 14th 2007, 13:25
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good tyre for fast road

hey, what are peoples opinon's for make/type of tyre for a fast road car? i'm looking at buying some new ones and want somthing grippy and that won't waer away tooo quickly. tyres i have on at the moment are uniroyle, they not worn out at all but wondering if it's worth getting somthing better
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Old October 14th 2007, 16:48
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michelin Pilot Sport cup - Toyo RA1
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Old October 14th 2007, 18:12
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I've enjoyed BFGoodrich KDW NT, they last quite well, are quite grippy, especially in wet, and look killer! Plus they have a lot of sizes and are relatively inexpensive. Nitto is another one to look at, not as good, but quite inexpensive. I have Pirelli P Zero Neros on my bug right now, havn't driven them though, but talked to a guy who has them on his GTI and loves them compared to many he's tried. The RA-1s are great, but wear pretty fast and are not cheap, and the Michelin Cup is just plain expensive. The comprimise would be the RA-1s, very grippy, fair wear, and not too expensive, but they will wear twice as fast as the ones mentioned first.

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