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Old January 16th 2008, 21:08
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Vkg Rules

VKG Gruppe Rules

Gruppe Rules
We are predominantly a South Eastern US Gruppe, but we are open to anyone, anywhere that would like to join. Membership in the VKG is structured as membership for the person and a separate membership for your car as a VKG car. The breakdown is as follows:
VKG Member: Basic membership in the VKG is open to all. You may have a German Look car complete, under construction, in the planning stages, or no car at all and just want to hang out with GL junkies and you can be a VKG’er. This allows for anyone to be part of the gruppe.

VKG Performance Klasse Car: All German/Euro Look Air-Cooled Volkswagens (any year) that meet the minimum Performance Klasse points for each category as noted in the Car Requirements section. A $30 one-time car membership dues payment is required.
In addition to basic gruppe membership benefits, with a Performance Klasse Car membership you also get a high quality VKG window/body sticker to identify your car as a VKG car.

VKG Select Klasse Car: All German/Euro Look Air-Cooled Volkswagens (any year) that meet the minimum Select Klasse points for each category as noted in the Car Requirements section. A $TBD one-time car membership dues payment is required.
With a Select Klasse Car membership you also get a class specific, high quality VKG window/body sticker to identify your car as a VKG Select Klasse car.

Car memberships are transferable in cases where the owner changes cars and their replacement car meets class specifications within 1 year. A VKG class specific replacement sticker will need to be purchased at cost. A car should not wear any VKG stickering or be shown as a VKG car until the requirements for the given class have been met.
Car Requirements
The new VKG car requirements are based on a point scoring system to determine a car’s compliance to the VKG philosophy of well balanced upgrades through the car systems. This scoring system, while it may appear like a bit of overkill, will help the gruppe ensure that all gruppe cars are built to a standard of quality to better the car’s performance and safety as well as visual appearance.
The points scoring system is based on a minimum level of upgrades on the car in each of several categories. The bigger and better the upgrade, the more points it counts for. Having to meet a minimum score in each of all the categories prevents someone from just throwing some Porsche rims on a car and some carbon fiber accents and calling it a VKG car.
There is no overall score. You must meet the minimum score in each category. As you will see, it doesn’t take much to meet the minimums in each category to have a Performance Klasse car, but even these minimums across each and all categories will greatly improve a stock VW. To have a Select Klasse car, you must meet the Select Klasse minimum in all categories.
Calculate your score based on your upgrades and match against the minimum scores per classe at the bottom of that chart. You must meet the minimum in each and every category to qualify for that classe. All items with an * are MANDATORY!

Engine: Open to all air or water cooled engines. Unlimited modifications allowed to engine to improve performance.

Transmission: Unlimited modifications allowed.

Brakes: Unlimited modifications allowed.

Suspension: Car should be lowered front & rear. Unlimited modifications allowed to improve ride, handling & chassis strengthening.

Wheels: 16” or larger Porsche or aftermarket wheels required with low profile performance tires. Only exceptions to this rule are 15” Porsche wheels, but the previous is strongly preferred to stay true to the look. No stock VW wheels or classic VW wheels (i.e. Empis or BRMs).

Body: Body modifications should be functional & tastefully done and true to the style. Paint can be stock pallet or custom but should have a European influence.

Interior: Performance/Sport influenced (bolstered seats, sport wheel, upgraded shifter, etc), Race inspired (i.e., race seats, harnesses, roll cages, safety equipment & extra gauges), or stripped. No stock interiors.

Theme: Overall theme of the vehicle should be consistent & carried through, from the inside out. Don't mix styles.

Body Points Chart

Modification/Upgrade Points
Lexan windows – rear 2
Lexan windows – quarters 2
H4 or HID lighting 3
Third brake light 1
Custom paint color or scheme 4
Carbon fiber body panels or running boards 5
Non-stock mirrors 1
Single or 911 wiper conversion 2
Painted/Blacked Out trim 1
Shaved trim 2
Functional ducting 2
Weight decrease of 1%-10% 1
Weight decrease of 11%-15% 3
Weight decrease of over 15% 5

Fit & Finish Variable (assigned by officers) -3 thru +3

Performance Klasse Minimum Score: 1
Select Klasse Minimum Score: 5

Brakes Points Chart

Modification/Upgrade Points
Non-T3 to T3 drums 1
Ghia two pot front discs
Other two pot front discs 2
Four pot front discs 3
Ghia two pot rear discs 5
Other two pot rear discs 2
Four pot rear discs 3
Upgraded master cylinder 5
Stainless Steel soft brake lines 2
Vented rotors 1
Cross-drilled/slotted and vented rotors 2
Stock front or rear drums 3
Performance Klasse Minimum Score:
Select Klasse Minimum Score: 2

Engine Points Chart

Modification/Upgrade Points
Ported manifolds 1
Dual carbs 2
Fully-merged header 3
Non-stock exhaust 2
Turbo 5
Non-stock fuel injection 3
911 cooling system 3
DTM-style cooling system 3
German sheet metal 1
Other non-stock system 3
External oil cooler 2
Larger oil pump 2
Dry sump 3
Deep sump 1
Full flow 1
Upgraded clutch 1
Upgraded pressure plate 1
Lightened Flywheel 1
Up to 10% increase in displacement over stock 1
11%-25% increase in displacement over stock 3
Over 25% increase in displacement over stock 5
Nickies 4
Upgraded camshaft 2
Upgraded rods 2
Dynamic Balancing (complete reciprocating mass) 2
Ported and Polished 3
Increased Intake and Exhaust ports 3
Solid rocker shafts 1
911 adjusters 1
Rev limiter 1
Bosch 009 Distributor 1
Pointless (non-optical) Distributor 2
Optical Distributor 3
Engine Swap:
Non-TIV to TIV 5
Other (WBX, Subaru, etc) 5

Fit & Finish Variable (assigned by officers) -3 thru +3

Performance Klasse Minimum Score: 5
Select Klasse Minimum Score: 15

Interior Points Chart

Modification/Upgrade Points
Sport/Racing seats 3
Sport steering wheel 2
Upgraded shifter 1
No back seat 1
Roll cage 5
Harnesses 3
3-point seat belts 1
Lap belts* 1
Fire extinguisher* 1
Extra gauges 2
Porsche gauge cluster 3
Carbon Fiber components 3

Fit & Finish Variable (assigned by officers) -3 thru +3

Performance Klasse Minimum Score: 3
Select Klasse Minimum Score: 8

Suspension Points Chart

Modification/Upgrade Points
Lowered front 2
Lowered rear 2
Upgraded front anti-roll bar 2
Rear anti-roll bar 3
Coil-overs (points per axle) 3
Performance shocks/struts/springs 1
IRS rear from swing 2
Aluminum trailing arms 3
Transmission brace (Kafer Cup style Brace) 4
Front strut brace 2
Narrowed beam 2
Narrowed arms 2

Performance Klasse Minimum Score: 5
Performance Klasse Type 2 adjustment:* +3
Select Klasse Minimum Score: 10

Transmission Points Chart

Modification/Upgrade Points
Freeway Flyer 3
901/915 trans 5
5-speed Berg 3
Other tranny 3
100mm CVs/T181 Flanges 1

Performance Klasse Minimum Score: 0
Select Klasse Minimum Score: 3

Wheels Points Chart

Modification/Upgrade Points
15” Porsche wheels 1
16” and larger wheels 3
3-piece wheels 5
High Performance tires (H or V rated) 1
Ultra High Performance tires (Y, W or Z rated) 3
Bolt pattern adapters (not spacers) Not permitted

Performance Klasse Minimum Score: 2
Select Klasse Minimum Score: 4
72 1302 Smack Black GL
73 Bus (2L CIS Powered)
66 Beetle, 73 Standard Beetle
72 Pinzgauer 710M
Volksport Kafer Gruppe
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