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Old April 5th 2019, 03:44
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GTyp3: 69 Notchback sleeper

Hi fellow german style fans,

Last year I bought a 'short nose' type 3 notchback, which suffered a short engine fire, so I got the car with partially burned wiring loom and two seperate incomplete engines.
Upside was that its a '69, so old model, but only old modelyear with IRS already as standard. And it was reasonably solid as far as rust goes.
From the documentation and some other clues it seems to have only done 105.000km's (70K miles), so thats not too bad.

Other then that, there are and were a LOT of stupid things done to the car. I won't list, but, MAN!

Still, could have been a lot worse

As it sits now, just back from inspection, so I can drive it on the roads legal again for the next 2 years without worry :

And this is the engine/tranny combination I intent to transplant into to it someday somehow:

Engine is 997.2 3,8ltr GT3 unit with 435 hp stock. I got it "cheap" cause the car it came out of was in an accident and some motor parts were effected. So, the engine will have to be disassembled and inspected and then rebuild, so that will be 'fun' and by far the most scary part of the whole built.

For a tranny I got lucky and found another short-nose G50, this time a /00 version ('87 probably), this time in germany. Tranny is said to 'probably' be very good, as it was sold from a (porsche tuner) shop owner who died and whos old personal inventory was sold on ebay.
Since the GT2 and GT3 engine are the 'Metzger-build' ones, they still use the older aircooled (964) derived engine cases, which should fit the older G50 without adapater plate. I haven't mated them yet, so that remains to be seen...
The 997.2 were also the last Metzger engines made, so I am extremely happy with the engine as it should run easy 8500 RPM in stock trim and with some better intake and less restrictive exhaust, over 450hp should be possible. N/A !!

For now, I already switched to 944 n/a brakes in the rear and for the front I have now the CB with alu hub and drilled disk in 5x130 set-up. I am not entirely happy with the front disk set-up for this combo.
(the disk set and the wheels you see, were originaly bought for my old semi-auto 1200LS bug that I sold on again to pay for the notch).
So, front brakes will probably become boxster rear calipers to fit the 15" rims, as this will best still fit the sleeper goal for the car.

For now it runs great with the (I think) original single port single carb 1500N engine that was with the car, so I will first enjoy the car as is this summer!

I will keep an exclusive update here on for the build as you guys understand best what this is all about hey
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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