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Old April 19th 2004, 22:37
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Uber Affe Uber Affe is offline
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'74 super bits for sale!

I'm stripping down a '74 super I used as a donor car.
I will be selling parts off of it very soon and very cheap.
The engine and tranny are going to a Crew-cab Transporter.
Everything else is pretty much up for grabs. You can let me know if there is something specific you want and I'll take it off, get a price and ship it or just wait 'till I get it all boxed
and organized with a price list I can e-mail ya.

E-mail me at


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Old April 21st 2004, 22:54
super vw super vw is offline
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Nevermind, found one

Current cars:
-74 Super Beetle
-86 Vanagon Syncro
-64 sunroof bug
-73 thing

Last edited by super vw; May 31st 2004 at 13:37. Reason: found one!
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Old May 30th 2004, 22:30
'74super '74super is offline
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a list of wants...

do you have a good working speedo and speedo cable? also the hood latch mechanism in the trunk, its wire, and latch on the hood? the two front seats as mine are broken? what condition are the bumpers in ? and apart from all of this would you be willing to sell the rolling chasis since you took out what you needed? thanks. -nick
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Old August 5th 2004, 03:31
Diego74 Diego74 is offline
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im intrested in the front and rear bumper shock absorber mounts how much would u sell them for and are they in good condition
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Old August 5th 2004, 23:57
Supa Ninja Supa Ninja is offline
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Just to let you guys with the early Supers know, the '74 steering shaft will bolt in then 944 steering wheel will bolt on. I did it to mine with a '74s shaft and it was a peice of cake.
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Old December 21st 2004, 21:21
bmk612 bmk612 is offline
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what style bumbers do you have on your car? am interested as i have a 74 supoer as well and mine have noticeable rust on them...
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