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Old April 22nd 2006, 11:34
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Ghia front disc w 944 rears

Hello, I have 944 brakes front & rear that I want to install. My Ghia has new dropped spindles and I dont want to buy 944T items for the front. Can I use the Ghia fronts with the 944 rears? My car is not a road racer (I'm just a poser). In the future I might switch to Suby power, just not now. My wheels are 16" C2s and I wanted to lose the adpts. I have a set of T1 Porsche drilled rotors. If I stay with theT1 MC do I need a proportion valve? Should I switch to a 944 MC (has 23mm f/19mm r)? If I do that will it have the correct bias? Is anyone else using this set-up?
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Old April 24th 2006, 12:17
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I'm interested in this question as well. I vaguely recall seeing something posted here by Ricola about this very topic. I think he said that on his Ghia the 944 rears with the Ghia fronts provided a good balance using the stock T1 M/C. I plan to go this route as an intermediate step, eventually putting 4-piston Mazda calipers on the front. At that point I'll switch out to the 944 M/C. Lanner (username flat) from VDubEngineering would be a good person to ask too.
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Old April 25th 2006, 08:48
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I did that on my speedster for a while and it worked better than when I eventually got the 944 fronts on! Bear in mind my front end was quite light tho'.. oh, I used a stock m/c until I put the 944 fronts on which required more volume.

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Old April 25th 2006, 20:33
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Thanks for the replys.
For all that are thinking about doing this, it can be done. Using the T1 MC will make the brakes spongy. You need to use a MK1 Golf /Rabbit MC that has a 20.64mm piston. I dont know what year MC. I have not done this myself but I contacted and they told me it can/has be done. And that it is a good system for my needs. They are one of the leaders of VW brake conversions. So I trust them. When I do my conversion I will take pics.
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Old April 26th 2006, 13:09
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hi , ive done this for a customer of ours , 72 ghia stock discs on the front and cast iron slide calipers (944)on the rear. we even came up with using a type3 hub carrier machined down to fit 944 vented disc so we where able to still use stock rims 4x130 pcd , all most looked factory, worked really well with the light ghia front end aswell. all the best Lee,
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