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Old August 11th 2006, 12:24
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Rear discs - hand brake problem

I have disc brakes (single piston calipers) in the rear of my T1 -69. They work fine for regular braking, but my hand brake is still non-existent.
The hand brake uses the same piston as the regular brake, but the piston is moved by a small lever on the caliper, which is connected to the hand brake cable. But even if I pull the brake lever in the car as hard as I can, it still won't lock the wheels. If i tighten the cables even more, the piston seems to get too close to the disc, thus causing a constant braking I cannot "bottom out" the hand brake lever in the car, so the piston seems to be close to the disc already.

Maybe this setup lacks the leverage to effectively press the piston against the disc? However, it looks like an unchanged original caliper, so it must have worked on the donor car...

Has anyone similar experiences with manual hand brakes?

Any tips are very much appreciated/Cheers Daniel
Type 1 -69 in Gothenburg, Sweden
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Old August 12th 2006, 10:16
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Are you sure your rear disc conversion the ability to use the hand brake? Not all do. In fact, most I looked at did not. That was one of the reasons I went with TopLine rear discs. I think VDubEngineering does now, too, but it would be best to check with them. In the meantime, double-check the rear discs you have are capable.

Just a thought.
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