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Old June 1st 2014, 03:38
kai4130 kai4130 is offline
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Porsche wheels/VW centres

I couldn't match the paint colour of my wheels onto the porsche centre caps. Plus painting **** isn't one of my fortes but I'm cool with this though.

I found a 76mm VW centre cap, got the part number from eBay, then got the dealer to order them in so I could check they would fit. The centre bore of the vw wheel/cap is larger then the Porsche one so the VW cap won't clip in unless you got the wheel centre bored out, having just had the wheel powder coated I wasn't going down this route. So I came up with another solution.

I couldn't be bothered to remove the wheels to make these. So I stuffed plastic bags into the holes. Used plastic bags as they shouldn't of degraded much by the time/if I ever remove the wheel to take the stuffing out :lol:

The caps appear to be slightly too big but these are a better solution to no caps or having the Porsche ones with an off white paint in a crap attempt to match the wheel colour.
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Old June 1st 2014, 12:34
H2OSB H2OSB is offline
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Not a bad solution, however, aren't you concerned the adhesive will get on the wheels, making them impossible to remove? Also, what was the plastic for? Just to keep the "clips" from pushing in further?
johnL (aka H2OSB)
'74 1303, Outlaw sedan (with a GL flavor)
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Old June 1st 2014, 15:13
kai4130 kai4130 is offline
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Join Date: May 2006
Posts: 63
I didn't use so much of adhesive. But as both caps are concave in opposite directions there is a large void to gap hence why it appears there is a lot of gunk. There isn't any over spilling the edges of the caps. Besides, in almost 7 years of porsche wheels the caps only ever where removed to fit tyres. That was once lol

Had I of removed the wheel from the car the plastic bags wouldn't of been necessary, but as I was being lazy I used the plastic too prevent the porsche caps from falling beyond the shoulder of the cap edge. I've not pictured it but the porsche caps have been hugely trimmed to allow the vw cap to sit further back into the wheel. Before trimming the cap the vw badge sat about 3-4mm proud of the wheel face. The solution was to trim the edge of porsche badge allowing the vw badge to sit further in. Lesson to be learnt is that people shouldn't be lazy and remove their wheels
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