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Old May 20th 2010, 21:30
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Can someone do this, or give me a hand?

Here's the story:

My cousin-in-law has a '63 beetle. The engine was rebuilt, bug was driven around until they got married. For 2 kids and 8yrs, it has sat in their garage in Oakville. He started it years ago a couple times, but it wouldn't idle.

Now my cousin calls me up, and wants to make the beetle a runner for their anniversary in 3 weeks. A surprise for him.

Problem is, i do not have the time to do this. Called Pat at Tune-right, and he has swore off of servicing aircooled yrs ago. He says no money in it, super cheap owners, and is always waiting for parts.

I'm going over to take a look at it soon. Haven't seen it in awhile. She hasn't said it, but i have decided I can do whatever i want with it.

Not much time here, so:
-get it running all stock?
-toss on some dual carbs, dropped spindles, beam, wheels, tires?

I don't have the time to do this solo. Can someone give me a hand for a couple bucks? Do this all in a day?

Who's got what that i can use?

'72 super
'65 bus
'52 split
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