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Removable Rear Valance

by Sam C
Nov 20, 2003

Very simple really...

1. Drop rear wings off
2. Remove engine bay lid
3. Remove engine
4. Eyeball the rear, work out where you can easily cut such that it will go back together (With brackets... Flat bit of thick metal with holes in)
5. Draw on the car where you will cut. Make sure its the same both sides.
6. Get your mounting plate, with about 6 holes in it (3 per side). Position plate where it will go to hold the rear end on.
7. Drill through each hole, and then put a nut/bolt on one by one. I used Stainless steel M8 bolts.
8. Remove the plate when all done. This means that side when bolted back together will be in exactly the same alignment.
9. Get the grinder out and cut straight down on JUST the one side.
10.Use a file and clean the edges if needed.
11. Repeat steps 6-9 for the other side.
12.Bolt the rear end back on with the plates and check it looks fine
13.Paint/rustproof any bare metal.
14.Bolt it all back together

Simple as that
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