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Old April 12th 2017, 17:55
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Originally Posted by effvee View Post
Good morning, presently I have been looking for a ignition system for my dual plug heads. The prices that I see is at least 1000$, just for the distributor. The 123 company sells a good looking product, but are to be contacted.

Dimitrios, do you know of a company that sell a dual distributor?
Dual distributor? Why would you spend all of that money to still have to deal with timing scatter??

Redline Weber or Megasquirt crank-trigger ignition is much cheaper and a world of difference better

OR Megajolt and a Ford Ranger truck dual plug EDIS system

EDIS systems can be bought for cheap on eBay and the Megajolt unit is like $180 and easy to setup.
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Old April 12th 2017, 18:48
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Wow, thanks I know electronic is the was to go. Now I will need to learn. Again thank you
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