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Old January 10th 2003, 12:33
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Welcome! Our Mission Statement

Welcome to the VolkSport Käfer Gruppe (VKG) community board!

We are a group of air-cooled VW car owners in the southeast US who have come together to celebrate and socialize about the benefits and fun of the German Look (GL) / Euro Look design.

Membership is open to anyone who enjoys the art of GL modifications to their ACVWs. The club rules are listed on our website at We understand there are a lot of “works in progress”, so you do not have to have a completed car or a show car to join or participate. In fact, one of our missions is to help others with information and with the support of creating more GL cars, and to help grow the community as a whole.

Dues are minimal. The only income flow we need is to support an internet homepage and create some promotional items such as T-shirts and vinyl window stickers.

We are strongly tied to the website here at and all technical posts will be shared with the world GL community. The VKG internet site covers events, meetings, sponsor links & personal links, information, merchandise, and detailed members rides information.

What is this club forum for? Basically we will use this area to share stories, events, general trash talk, and anything GL related specific to the club or the southeast region. The technical talk should remain done on the main forums.

Meetings will be held in the chat rooms of The meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month at 9:00PM Eastern Time. Anyone can drop in and learn first hand what we are about and who we are. Being as geographically diversified as we are as a group, regional shows are the only times that will allow the club members to meet in person.

Again welcome and thanks for stopping by our internet community. To join just visit the VKG site at and we can get you into the community and up to speed as soon as possible.

GL Forever!

Please visit us at VolkSport Käfer Gruppe
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