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Old November 13th 2009, 05:15
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Unread Posts

There's a "New Posts" tab (NP) that I almost always go to when I arrive at

I was wondering if an "Unread Posts" tab could also be installed.

There are three times when NP frustrates me.

(1) If I make a reply to a post, hitting the NP doesn't update; instead it acts totally anew and the only thread listed is the post I just responded to. I have to "Back" up three or so times to get back to where I was.

(2) If I spend any time at a post or reply (five minutes, I'm guessing), I get timed out. Logging back on is a tiny nuisance but not having access to the threads I hadn't gotten to is more annoying.

(3) When I login from work, I sometimes don't know how much time I have. Sometimes I'm in a wait mode for a couple minutes; sometimes for an hour or so. If it's short, I won't have the chance to see all of the threads even knowing the first two listed above.

I'm not a programmer in this sort of sense, so it might be troublesome to implement. If an alternative "Unread Posts" tab could be added, that would be great.
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