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Old January 1st 1970, 00:00
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Questions about 69_Dreamzs ride

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Old November 8th 2002, 21:35
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Where did you get your airfilters for your Kadrons?

I just purchased a set for my car and I like your aircleaners better then mine.

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Old November 9th 2002, 15:25
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I have kadrons and the air filters look the same as those. They do look as if the were just cleaned, though. What do yours look like?
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Old November 9th 2003, 18:51
detailbarn detailbarn is offline
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how did you mount the old style bumpers? any more pics of the car?
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Old March 14th 2004, 00:58
vespaboy vespaboy is offline
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Is that a hide away exhaust?

Is that a hise away exhaust?
Oh ,but it is so true though...
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Old October 10th 2004, 16:05
redhot redhot is offline
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did you have to make any mods to the inner fenderes etc?
do you have full steering lock?
looked so good that my 1200 standard might get the same treatment =)
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Old April 3rd 2008, 20:15
Tyler E Tyler E is offline
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I was just wondering what kind of wheels are those? You have the sizes and everything listed but not the brand of the wheels.

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Old September 4th 2008, 11:30
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you got a very nice ride....
mine is dark gray....
but still in bad condition....

can i see the engine?

thanks dude...

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