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Old March 31st 2013, 17:52
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Optional brake light switch location for 944 master cylinder?

The car is a 72 super convertible running 944t front and rear brakes. Finally updating the master cylinder to a 19/23 944 unit that I've been hiding for years. I've been trying to look up some ideas on placement of the brake light switch for this master. Most of the pics I've seen show a Kerscher or CSP banjo fitting on front circuit. I've seen a few that use a VW 3-way fitting just sort of floating around not attached to anything. I have an idea after tearing all the lines out and just messing around a bit and was hoping for some input.

On the front of a Super the master cylinder has a line that goes to a 3-way connector which then splits to both wheels. I was thinking of using this connector to mount the switch. I would run a line from the 23 side of the master to the T but instead of comming into it from the end (like original) I would come in from the top (replacing the line that originally ran to the passenger wheel). The line for the driver's wheel would still be ran the same. I can then add the switch to the rear of the T (where the line from the master cylinder would go). Then run a new passenger line from the other side of the master cylinder (on the spare 23 next to the tunnel).

I would have to replace the wiring for the switch and find a longer line for the passenger side wheel and to the T. The rear line would just go from the 19 side straight to the back without the switch inline.
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Old May 25th 2013, 07:03
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I've had great success with T brakes on stock vw mc.

But on 944 MC I'd put the switch on the rear circuit, using stock vw 'T'. Reason is smaller bore (19mm) equals higher pressure equals instant light actuation. On the larger bore the brake switch tends to be lazy.

Make sure the switch is mounted terminal down.

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Old June 21st 2013, 16:00
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I used an electrical brake switch from a 944 instead of a hydraulic pressure switch. Made a bracket in close proximity to my pedal cluster and just extended the stock bug wires on the harness to the electrical brake switch. Don't have a picture (or the car anymore) but you probably get the idea here:

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