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Old March 9th 2004, 12:53
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Free supercharging for a type 1

I read a tech article in HOTVW'S about a year ago on this subject. Using the stock blower mechanism for the heat exchangers, you can purchase a "T" pipe fitting that will fit the top of the carbeurator. Attach the blower outputs to the T fitting and you have a cheap low boost supercharger for your type 1, 2, 3 ect. It increases the intake pressure by about 2 to 5 PSI. Which is noticable in the gas pedal.
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Old March 9th 2004, 15:22
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i used to do that, with my stocker. i had the vents capped with baby food lids. BUT when it came time to lay down the power, i pulled off the passenger side cap, took off the aircleaner, and attached a hose from the vent to the carb itself. was able to slam second pretty hard getting ONE tire to chirp. without the "supercharger" mod it would only chirp if you were turning, unlaoding some weight from the tire.
went to the track and was laying down consistent 19.4sec passes!!
had time to read EVERY SINGLE AD on the track wall, all the way down.
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Old March 10th 2004, 10:35
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It's been discussed many times on many forums. It's not worth it. You're slamming hot air down the throat of your engine, and we all know that cold=power.

Theoretically, it makes sense. Practically, it won't work.
Mike Serrone

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