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Old March 18th 2004, 14:08
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Talking All I need now is the kennedy engineering shooping list

Well, I now have two 901 trannies in my garage, now joined by a 1986 mazda RX-7 with a blown automatic tranny. The car was left in someones backyard, for a year and a half, after the tranny blew. I hooked up the battery last night and shot her with some starting fluid, and I was treated to a couple of seconds of run time. When I pulled the gas cap off, there was a quite strong smell of old varnished gas, so I'm going to drain it out and pour in some good gas, and see if I can get things working better.
I want the motor to work really well in a stock setup before it's pulled and i have a pile-o-(you know what) all over the garage floor. Any tips for getting the motor in top shape?
I could also use a (what I still need) list for installing this into my VW based kit car. I know I still need a kennedy kit, and adpater but what all should I get? I dont wnat to get a bunch of stuff I don't neccesarily need.
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Old March 18th 2004, 20:20
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Are you going to use the stock fuel injection system. There is a pulsation damper at the front or the lower fuel rail. Make sure the screw didn't fall out because it can leak fuel onto your engine causing a fire. I bought my RX-7 after it had been sitting for 1-1/2 years. If the engine floods with gas just unplug the fuel pump from under the carpet near the left rear shock tower/speaker tower. It's a lot safer than pumping gasoline on you engine from the spark plug holes. If you need something looked up I have a manual for the car and a bunch of parts left over after I sold it.
I love my money pit, uhm, err, I mean my car.
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