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Old September 9th 2008, 19:01
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A few things

Hey all,

Well bad news, my motor has to come apart
Basically what happened was i started hearing a weird noise coming from the clutch area. After pulling the motor to investigate, turns out the pilot bearing is effed. But that's not all i found! I take the gland nut out, only to find my flywheel really loose on the dowels....

So i pull it off, and the dowels fall out of the crank! I look at the dowels and they have been peened all over their circumference. (It's a dirty trick to make the dowel a few thou bigger to make them a nice press fit in the hole) The rest of the crank is beauty, real nice piece. But because of some lazy goon, who reamed the crank a thou or to over, they had to make the dowels a little bigger to fit!

Now the dowel holes are all ovaled, and i'll need to put in a new crank!

Not a happy camper....

On a related note, does someone have a decent stock peashooter exhaust? (stocker is going back in!)

1970 Bug
2110cc. ???Whp, ???Ft/Lbs
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