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Old August 10th 2006, 13:27
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Originally Posted by Sandeep
Hi Walter,

I just watched the video ... very enjoyable :agree:

Can you describe what kind of speeds you obtained on the track ... how were your tires and brakes ?
Relatively low; I have a digital speedo which is very accurate; With the 2,4 I did about 175 km/h at the straight, but this year with the 2 liter we only reached 150 km/h max but it was with only on 3,5 cylinder....(hence the smoke...)
Funny thing is that from the video it seems not that fast, but when your inside, it sure is thrilling!
How did the gearbox and engine perform ? I noticed a few puffs of smoke from the incar video ... any idea what that was ?
Very well, but the JE pistons were used when I build this engine and it turned out that the oil scraper (control) rings of at least one cylinder were too far gone. One cylinder consistantly had therefore a lot of oil blow-by and greased that one plug a lot. Only when the engine was hot, it ran flawlessly but I have removed the head on that side and it appeared that the exhaust valve had 2mm carbon build-up on it...
After changing out the oil control rings, the smoke has gone. Learned a lot from that experience!

The gearbox shifted mucho better without any grinding, but the shiftrod needs to be adjusted somewhat I noticed for more precise shifts in some gears.

Looks like you had a lot of fun on the track. Is there anything you may consider changing in the overall setup of the car ?


It handled very well actually, but ultimately, I want to install a rear sway-bar (have one, but because of my wide semi-original 915 tranny-carrier, it doesn't fit ) and a slightly more lower setting in the rear.
And I may want to try the Kamaii front spoiler and some other small changes; not because handling is poor, but because I think it may get even better

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