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Old December 7th 2011, 16:31
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Guys, its time to ask your self why Porsche fitted skinny little torsion bars to the aircooled cars? it wasn't for ride comfort, it was to reign them in, they cant be selling oversteer for a road car.
A swing axle bug can be fitted with 29mm short tb's and handle very well as long as the front is sorted, do the same trick to an IRS car, either super or b/j with IRS, and it will be undrivable, HUGE oversteer will result, not good unless your building a drift car, or maybe autotesting, i know because ive tried it. You just cannot make the rear very stiff...
i'm now running stock 1303 22mm tb x 20mm rear arb nowdays, with gas spax on full hard it oversteers mildly, i can still trail brake into hairpin or other turns that need it, 24 mm tb's just tip it into the danger zone where it just oversteers too much for comfort in combat, one slip and it was gone, tho i could do a quick lap time with them, you may be o.k on the street with them,
its possible to get away with 24mm rear bars if your front grip lets you, ie, you already have understeer, the hardest part of a quick track bug is to get the front working. Clive's table above is bang on and something is wrong if your a long way removed from it spring rate wise, damper or alignment problems would be suspect, and you need to be LOW, you wont beat a Porsche unless you are as low as one, and that takes a lot of work as your beginning to find out..
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