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Old April 3rd 2016, 20:04
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Good day everyone,

I went to my storage today, I've been thinking very seriously about this EZ-30 fitment concern. I don't have an actual complete engine to try, what I have is a long block, and that's with the heads off. I really wanted to see how the engine would swallow up the engine space. I took into consideration the adapter spacer of .500. The G-50 I think will take up about 1.5" of needed space. If I remove the front trans mount I can gain about 1.75" easily. the block is 16 wide without the heads. The highest point of the heads width would be 7.5". From my rough measurements, I will only need to widened the engine area 1". On Walter trans project, his G-50 extended rearward approx. 2". O, I would love to marry the G-50 to the EZ-30.

This mount is from my gold bug, however I has since removed it. Tomorrow, I will try and rough measure the G-50 length in minus the machining that Walter had performed. Iff I can get the bell housing close to a bus normal location, this will help.

But if the G-50 is a no go, all is not lost. There are many trans builder over here that can build a strong trans. As a matter of fact, Rancho Transmission has stated that they can mod a 3:44 r&p for proper fitment to a Quaife ATB.
If I have to chose the VW case, OK. The ratios will be of the G-50 ratios. The only problem with trying to rough fit the G-50 is , its really heavy, and I'll be by myself
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