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Old April 29th 2010, 17:34
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Pre 87 944/944 Turbo front brake conversion for standard bugs

by Alexander Niederfahrenhorst

This article will help you decide which 944/944 Turbo front brake conversion to do on you standard bug using pre 87 Porsche parts. There are several "do it yourself" conversion that can be done. I know of three different ways and I did two of them.

The first one is the easiest: Uses 944 T caliper, CB spindle, Kerscher disk You can buy a Kerscher vented brake disks which are around 200$ (@CustomSpeed&Parts) each but the nice thing is that they have the hub already. It is a one piece design. It will accept beetle bearings. You will have to use CB dropped cast spindles and have to drill the top hole and cut it for M12. You then mount the disk onto the spindle and you have to space out the caliper.

You can use washers or get a piece made for you. You mount the caliper and you will see that the CB spindle has extra material where you can drill a second hole and tap it for M12 as well. You need to spot-face the area for the second hole first to the same level of the original mounting holes and cut of the lower original mounting hole because it will not clear the brake pad and you can not mount the 4pot caliper. Voila...your are done.

2nd method: Uses 944T calipers, 944 hubs or the 86 944T hubs, 944 disk.....not the Turbo or 951 disks The conversion is similar to the one above but machining of the hub is required. I attached pics which will show you what is involved and all the measurements for it. The measurements are all correct. I did my conversion with those measurements. You cannot use the 944T (951)disks because they are too big in diameter and the caliper will not mount on the CB spindle as well as the disk is too wide you have to do major machining to the spindle to clear the disk or use a spacer behind the inner bearing.

The 3rd method is the hardest...because a lot of machining is involved which will increase the cost Uses stock disk spindles, 86 944T hubs and 944T disks You will have to get an adapter. Either you design you own or you have to buy one. I did my own which a friend of mine will do for me. This adapter will mount on the stock disk-spindle after you spot-faced the spindle further to the inside to give room for the adapter. You will have to do the same hub machining as seen in the attached pics and mount the disk.

Mount the hub with the disk onto the spindle and you will notice that the outer edge of the mounting hole for the stock caliper on the spindle needs to be cut to clear the big disk. Then start your designing of the adapter. I took me 3 hours to figure it out. The only proper measurements I can give you is the caliper mounting hole spacing of 94mm and the thickness of the adapter of 8.5mm. It depends as well on how much material is taken off the spindle.

With all the machine work involved in all the conversions I have to say that the 1st one is the easiest and most likely the cheapest. All new parts and you only have to machine the spindle and get the calipers. Version 2 and 3 I do not really recommend.... why....if you do not have a friend that can do the machine work it will get expensive. I was lucky and did not pay anything. do not forget that your are using used parts and when you go thru all that hassle you should at least get new disks and pads. There are companies that have conversions available.

MBT is one. Their kit start from about 1000$ and you will have to get disks and calipers. They also offer kit for the big red calipers and rear brake conversions. MBT sells the calipers and disks as well for extra money. Check their website for prices

Custom Speed&Parts is working on a kit that will have custom made hubs and Audi disks with the CB spindle and the 944T calipers. The estimated price is about 1600DM which should be around 800$. You still have to get the calipers though and it will use beetle bearings.

Remmele is the next shop to offer brake kits. He has it all...... He offers the Kerscher/Brembo kit for about 1500$ complete. You just take of your spindles and mount the new setup. Everything is brand new and you have to get nothing else. He also offers 993/993T and 996 kits which start at 2000$ and you can even have Porsche GT2 brake kits (380mm disks) and even 6pot caliper brakes are available. I have to say it need nothing else and no machining involved.

Wow....I hope I did not forget anything. The two technical drawings are from a French VW magazine that had an article on the 2nd conversion and it was posted on a website before which I can not find anymore to give the credit.
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Old September 16th 2012, 21:22
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So method 3 uses Porsche outer bearing and VW inner correct? How about the grease seal?
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Old September 17th 2012, 00:50
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So am I understanding this correctly in that you're using the Beetle outer bearings, Porsche inner bearings and seals for this to work?
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Old November 22nd 2012, 03:01
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what about superbugz?
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