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Post Porsche 944 Part Numbers

Apr 04, 2003


Porsche parts are very easy to get confused due to the many changes within the 944 model during it's 83-91 production run. These part numbers listed below will help solve this puzzle. However, the only numbers listed are in reference to the brake conversion parts. Also, take note that the 924 Turbo is basically a 944 and the 968 a 944S2/944 Turbo, in regaurds to suspension and brakes.

In the charts below the numbers on top represent the left side and right is on bottom. If there is only one number listed then the part is not sided, meaning it will fit either side.

The front had three basic designs. The 944/944S, the 944S2/Turbo, and the 944 Turbo S. Note that the 89-91 944 Turbo is the same as the 88 944 Turbo S. The other things to take notice of is the 86 Turbo having a unquie design and that ABS was introduced on the later cars, first as an option but then standard equipment. The bolt spacing is NA = 76mm, S2/Turbo = 94mm, and M030/Turbo S = 130mm for mounting of the calipers.


The main change in the rear was the introduction in 86 of the aluminum trailing arms. All rear caliper mounts are 94mm, too bad the front wasn't that simple! All the parking brake assemblies are basically the same design. Notes are that the aluminum arms on the later cars have a wider track, and that the late/early stub axles do not interchange.

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