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Post Eberspacher Gas Heater Installation

by Sam C
Nov 25, 2003

Ok, I am not doing an in depth article on how to install an eberspacher, more a discussion on where I put my one, and why. As some of you may know I was running two amps under my bonnet at one time, I sold one of them and put some of the funds towards my Eberspacher.

First off, here's an under bonnet snapshot or two. The hose running up the left of the picture is where the eberspacher's hot air goes.

In the second picture you can see all the fuel pumps/filters mounted near the hot air hose (no, the radiated heat is not an issue). In the third picture, you can see, the other end of the eberspacher is not cuttently connected to anything. It sucks the air its going to warm up from under the bonnet. I do plan on taking a hose all the way up on the other side so its recirculating the hot air from the cab. That will help the cab get hot quicker.

Here is a better view, with the spare wheel removed. The alarm is blurred out (for my own security). I mounted the eberspacher where there was already a hole under the bonnet of my 1303. It was the large round hole and we needed to cut some material away to make the mounting easy.

You can see also see the wire grill on the intake of the eberspacher, this is prevent leaves/small bits getting sucked in.

We connected the hot air output from the eberspacher to what was the fresh air box that USED to connect to the vents just infront of the windscreen as the vents were blocked off years ago. This means that I get lots of hot air blasted straight up the windscreen.

When the car is frosty the windscreen de-ices in about 5 - 8 minutes, making the car drivable, the rest of the window de-ice in about 10 - 15 mins depending on how icy the car is. If you still use your fresh air box it wouldnt be to hard to connect the eberspacher's hose to the hot air pipe which runs from the heaterchannel up the A post to the dash vents.

Here are some snapshots taken from under the car. Its hard to take a good picture of this area but basically we routed the exhaust (silver pipe) to one side under the front, and the intake (for burning) to the other side.

This is the exhaust silencer mounted using an L bracket. Its very small but makes a big difference.

Here is a slightly better view of the underneath. Silver pipe is exhaust, black pipe is intake and the thin pipe is the fuel line.

Here is a view of the hole we modified to fit the eberspacher. We made a metal plate which fitted over the top of it and cut that to allow easy fitting of the eberspacher. We then used some black automotive glue to stick it in place and seal it.

I dont have any pictures of it, but the control box is mounted on the dashboard of my 1303, just to the side of the hazard warning switch. There were some slots for other rocker switched there, I removed the blanking plates and fed the wired through one of those.

Hopefully this will give some of you some ideas on where to mount your eberspacher. The main problems are the size of the unit WITH the output hose attached. I did look at mounting it under the back of the car, plumbed into stock heater channels, but there was no easy way of mounting it.

The kit from eberspacher is VERY complete. It came with every single part we needed, even a mounting plate (which we gunged over the hole under the bonnet). This turns a GL without any heating into a car which can be easily used all year around! I am VERY happy with this unit, and have no problems recommending it to anybody!
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